ONGR is a toolkit built for to make development of transactional websites
Fast and Easy

We Make Development Easy

ONGR is built on
It's built FOR
  • Kick Start Package Faster project kick-start
  • Easy features Easy implementation of the key features
  • High trafic High traffic (3000 rpm and even more)
  • Direct Contact to Core Team Frequent data updates (5+ mln. data sets/day)
  • >Voting Rights for new features Rendering page in ~100 ms (to the first byte)
  • Kick Start Package Reduce hardware infrastructure
  • Fast track package Low maintenance costs
  • Direct Contact to Core Team High scalability
Key features
  • Integration with ElasticSearch
  • Full Text Search
  • Filters
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Handle multi-currencies
  • Handle language translations
  • Setup of RESTful API
  • Dynamic Settings management

ONGR Bundles

Elasticsearch Bundle

Elasticsearch Bundle was created in order to serve the need for professional Elasticsearch integration with enterprise level Symfony applications. It is the heart of ONGR functionality and all other ONGR bundles depend on this bundle to handle data and integrate it with Elasticsearch

Filter Manager Bundle

Filter manager is used for listing documents. It provides ties between commonly used filtering options and UI elements with Elasticsearch repositories. It can be used from a single controller. It is mainly used to form lists.

Router Bundle

A very important part of modern web applications is beautiful URLs that not only provide clarity of what one is browsing, but also greatly improves SEO, which is one of the goals of every commercial site. Router Bundle allows to define and match URLs for elasticsearch documents. At URL matching phase it additionaly to already defined symfony router searches for elasticsearch documents with a specified URL. This means that nice urls can be matched to every document

API Bundle

When building large scale web systems it is often important to create RESTful API to allow third party systems to access certain parts of the systems data for integration with your system. Api Bundle allows rapid setup of RESTful API to simplify Elasticsearch data access for the remote clients.

Currency Exchange Bundle

When creating large e-commerce systems it is more than necessary to enable the customers to chose the currency in which the prices are displayed. This bundle provides an easy way to display price in multiple currencies.

Translation Bundle

Any large web system that is designed for international use needs to have the functionality to display the content in different languages. Symfony framework provides great features to handle translations and this bundle takes them a few steps further by providing a graphic user interface for translation management.

Settings Bundle

Every large application needs to differentiate the content that is displayed to the users. Settings bundle provides the ability to define specific settings, group them accordingly and a graphic interface to manage them. This means that entire sections of the application can be enabled, disabled or modified by the touch of a button.

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